2019-20 Fall After School Registration Form

The QD Academy after-school program is the prefect complement, and supplement for a child's regular school education.

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2019-20 Fall Sunday School Registration Form

The QD Academy Sunday School provides education services to the community and students of all levels, ranging from pre-school to high school, on Sundays to meet the needs of the parents and young students by offering many Language, Math, Culture, Art, and Sports classes.

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2019 Summer School Registration Form

Summer camps are a popular vacation option for children. QD Academy Summer Camp provides a variety of language, mathematics, sports and cultural activities to enrich and entertain the summer vacation of our students.

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Table Tennis Club Registration Form

QD Academy table tennis club has the best training and practice facilities, opening 7 days a week, 3pm – 9pm.

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Adult Program Registration Form

QD Academy offers a wide range of classes suitable for adults and their busy schedules. Adults who want to learn a variety of skills, such as Chinese, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese art, computer knowledge, English conversation, or participate in activities such as dance, choir, or Tai Chi (Schatten boxen / skywalker), can find the perfect class at QD Academy.

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2019 Robotics Class Summer Camp Registration Form

Download robotics class registration form here.

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2019 Computer Summer Camp Registration Form

See detailed Computer 2019 Summer Camp information here.

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2019 Basketball Summer Camp Registration Form

See detailed 2019 Basketball Summer Camp information here.

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2019 Speak Your Mind Summer Camp Registration Form

Improve the capability of speaking, leadership and conflict resolution.

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Email: info@qdacademy.org