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After-School Program

The QD Academy after-school program is the prefect complement, and supplement for a child’s regular school education. It not only sharpens concepts learned at regular school, but also teaches more advanced topics, and focuses on helping students learn ahead.

At QD Academy, each student is valued as an individual with unique needs, talents and learning styles. Through our After-School Program, students will receive homework assistancein the core areas based on the daytime curriculum for their grade levels. Furthermore, students are provided with academically challenging programs to promote problem-solving skills and develop ability to think critically. With more opportunities to learn and practice, students will consolidate and enrich their knowledge towards meeting or exceeding grade-level.

Academic emphasis on Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Chinese is always our top priority. We also make other efforts, including offering many optional classes, to help students in growing into well-rounded individual.

Activities for children are organized to give students opportunity to demonstrate their talents, promote communication skills, learn Chinese language and culture and help students to build and raise self esteem and self confidence. We have a good balance of academics and extracurricular activities.

Pick up service:
Available for most schools of the following school districts: PISD, AISD and FISD, contact us for further details

Office Hours:     1:00pm – 7:00pm (Monday- Friday)
Open Hours:       2:45pm – 6:30pm (Monday- Friday)

Besides core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, we also offer many optional classes: Chinese, Critical Thinking, Writing, Speech, Hindi, Physical Education, Table Tennis, Basketball, Drawing, Chess and Kung Fu.

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Sunday School Programs

The QD Academy Sunday School provides education services to the community and students of all levels, ranging from pre-school to high school, on Sundays to meet the needs of the parents and young students by offering many Language, Math, Culture, Art, and Sports classes.

The Chinese language education entails two options: Standard Chinese and Ma LiPing Chinese. Parents can choose either one of these professional programs according to the preference and needs of their children.

Standard Chinese (Biao Zhun Zhong Wen, 标准中文) is a complete learning program that begins the child’s Chinese education with Ping Yin. QD Academy utilizes the Standard Chinese books published by the China People’s Educational Press in Beijing. The development of these textbooks focused on the Children of Chinese overseas students, that of overseas Chinese and learners of Chinese from non-Chinese backgrounds. The curriculum is divided into nine levels, with each level having three textbooks, consisting of a regular textbook, an exercise workbook, etc. The books teach vocabulary words, grammar, speaking, listening, writing, and critical reading of the language. This option hits all the points of the Chinese language and ensures a well-rounded language education.

Ma Liping Chinese curriculum starts the learning of the language with Chinese characters, Han Zi, instead of the regulation Ping Yin. This "Direct Character Recognition" methodology is a relatively new brainchild of seasoned Chinese language educators in America. The program jumps right into Chinese characters and focuses more on speaking, listening, reading, and the understanding of the language, than on writing.

Math and other academic classes: Elementary-level (G1-G6) math, Middle School Pre-Algebra/Algebra, High School Geometry/Algebra II, Math Counts preparatory course, Critical Reading, Writing, SAT verbal, Math, and Writing courses, SAT Subject Test class

Extracurricular classes: Public Speaking/Leadership Speech, Drawing, Dance, Chess, Basketball, table tennis, and Kung Fu.

Open Hours: 12:00pm - 6:00pm, Sunday

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QD Academy Summer School

Summer camps are a popular vacation option for children. QD Academy Summer Camp provides a variety of language, mathematics, sports and cultural activities to enrich and entertain the summer vacation of our students.
The activities of QD Academy Summer School include Language Arts, Chinese, Social Studies, Science, Map Skill, Geography, PSAT Intensive, Gifted Math, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Free PACE or G.T. Prep, Arts, Crafts, Leadership Speech, Story Telling, Chess Tournaments, Kong Fu, Field Trips (movie, bowling, swimming, ice skating, and other educational field Trip), and inside/outside games. In this year, QD Academy is offering optional camps: Table Tennis, Chess, Drawing, Basketball, Lego Fun, Dance, Reading Theater, Art, Music. 

Through these activities, students will enjoy a full summer of perfectly balanced academic learning, sports, and fun.

Please check our Summer Schedule for more details :


Think and Speak UP

Open Hours: 7:30am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday

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Table Tennis Club

Time:  The club is open from 3pm to 9pm everyday.

The QD Academy Table Tennis Club was founded in 2006. The club is led by Mr. Zhongan Wang, the former Head Coach of Gansu Province Team of China. Coach Wang has comprehensive knowledge of table tennis sports, long time training experince and proven success. QD Academy gym provides the best facilities for the club members’ training, practice and match, including spacious venue with hardwood floors, fifteen standard tables, and excellent lighting. The club coaches teach table tennis players of all ages and skill levels, from juniors to adults and from begginers to advanced players. Since its establishment, the club has been very active in promoting the table tennis sports in DFW area and its players have won numerous titles in many regional and national competitions.

Some results are listed below:

QD Academy Table Tennis Club's Achievements

2006 US Table Tennis Open

  • 1st Place in Boy’s Single, U10Yrs: Yijun Feng.
  • 2nd Place in Boy’s Single, U13Yrs: Yijun Feng.
  • 1st Place in Boy’s U1600: Doudou Yan.
  • 1st Place in Boy’s U1700: Doudou Yan.

2006 US Table Tennis Tournament

  • 1st Place in Boy’s Single, U10Yrs: Yijun Feng.
  • 3rd Place in Boy’s Single, U10Yrs: He Chen.
  • 3rd Place in Boy’s Single, U17Yrs: Yanbo Wang
  • Top 8 in Boy’s Single, U13Yrs: Doudou Yan.

2007 US Table Tennis National Championships

  • 1st Place in Boy’s Single, U1300: Charles Wang.
  • 2nd Place in Boy’s Single, U10Yrs: Yijun Feng.
  • 3rd Place in Boy’s U1400: Connie Chen.
  • 3rd Place in Boy’s U1300: Brandon Chow.

 2008 Table Tennis Championships in Winter Games of Texas

  • 1st Place in Under 12Yrs: Charles Wang
  • 1st Place in U1700:  Charles Wang
  • 2nd Place in Open group B:  Charles Wang
  • 3rd Place in U1500: Charles Wang
  • 1st Place in Open group B: Sam Lu
  • 2nd Place in Under 16Yrs: Sam Lu
  • 3rd Place in U2200: Sam Lu
  • 2nd Place in U1500: Lily Qian
  • 2nd Place in Under 12 Yrs: Lily Qian
  • 2nd Place in 9 Yrs: Michael Yuan

2010 World Peace Table Tennis Championships in Plano, TX

  • 1st Place in Open:   Shuai Wang.
  • 2nd Place in Open: Tom Fang.
  • 1st Place in U2250: Eddie Yang.
  • 1st Place in U2100: Eddie Yang.
  • 1st Place in U1900: Aaron Gu.
  • 3rd Place in U1400: Jessica Wang.
  • 3rd Place in U1300: Jessica Wang.
  • 2nd Place in U1100: Jessica Wang.
  • 1st Place in U800:  Jason Li.
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Holiday Care

QD Academy's Holiday Care Program for breaks and holidays, such as Spring Break and the Winter holiday break, QD Academy offers day-care services for students. Academics and enjoyable activities will be provided for students when they are at QD Academy during these breaks and holidays. These holiday care programs serve as an opportunity for students to gain more knowledge and get ahead while still having fun throughout the break.

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2023 Summer Camp -- Robotics and Coding

Wize will come to QD for the 2023 Summer Camp.This curriculum is designed for K-G5 kids, to use the LEGO® bricks to built a dynamic mechanisms, and send commands to make them moving. It stimulates the young children’s STEM interest and curiosity while they build the STEM-based models.

See Robotics and Coding Class Details Here top of page

2023 Summer Camp -- Public Speaking and Leadership

Learn to Develop:

  • Content Organization
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Inpromptu Speaking
  • Speach Evaluation
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management
  • Listening Skills

QD offers 2 sessions this summer : June 5-9 and July 10-14, 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

See Public Speaking and Leadership Class Details Here

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Address: 4100 Legacy Drive, Suite 404, Plano, TX 75024
Office: (469) 241-1507
Cell: (214) 802-5020